Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life on a Bike Turns 1!

On this day one year ago, the first post for Life on a Bike was made! In an effort to stay current with today's technology and mode of communication, I took on the task of a Blog. It did not matter if we agreed with how the tide had turned; Facebook, blogging, texting, and more are how this generation connects. So, if we wanted to stay connected, we thought it prudent to get on the bandwidth before getting too stuck in our ways. I had no idea what a Blog was or what one did with it, but I had to start somewhere.

Change is hard for me. Still living in the town in which I grew up, I cannot go to the grocery store without seeing at least half a dozen familiar faces. I know the UPS & FedEx drivers by name as we wave at each other daily, and on my local rides I pass by 25 homes of families I've known all my life. Having been here on earth almost half my stay, the repetition of doing things the same way over and over makes changing directions midstream uncomfortable. But change is good, not always welcome, but good. I am glad we decided to change.

Other than using the blog as a diary for our 2007 trip to Italy, I had no real direction or goal. A year later, I still have not established a goal, but it has definitely taken on its own direction. In preparation for any cycling trips, we scour the internet for other's trip reports in order to get ideas for places to ride. I suppose part of my underlying goal was to be an inspiration to other adventurers like ourselves in planning their excursions.

Like this time last year, we are getting ready to embark on a new European adventure. Instead of Italy, we will be flying into Zurich to hook up with Becky and Jeff for some Alpine exploring. With no real plan in gear, other than riding in the Gruyere Tour, we hope to spontaneously happen upon serendipitous moments of exciting adventure. Sometimes a blank slate turns out to be the most colorful in the end!

I have to confess that I will enjoy some time off from blogging, as it has become a time consuming outlet. I hope to at least post some pictures every once in a while during our trip, so keep a lookout on my PhotoBlog.

What was I doing a year ago, other than getting ready for our trip? I was riding alot more and in much better shape. Now, I've traded my self discipline of getting up for 7am weekday rides for spending hours uploading pictures and posting. Not necessarily a good change. Hmmm, better re-evaluate some areas.

Through the past year, I have connected through other's blogs and have been motivated. To say that Jeff's race in the Marathon des Sables was inspiring is an understatement. But in reality, I am more along the lines of the 100 Push up Challenge that James brought to my attention in his blog of a Life Less Wimpy.

Only in week two, I do not know how long it will take me to complete the 6 week challenge....8 weeks, 10, 12, a year? I was telling Janusz about this, to make sure he thought it was an okay idea due to all my upper body injuries, and he loved it. Then my balloon was immediately deflated as he recounted that pushups were a part of his training in Germany. "Push ups are the easiest workout because you do not need any equipment, you just do it. Oh yes, we would do 200 a day, sets of 20/30 4 times." I did not bother asking him how many he does now. I don't want to know. Let me be happy with the fact that I can do 10.

Anniversaries in one's life are a chance to pause and reflect on the time passed from where you were to where you are. How have you grown, what have you learned, how are you enriching your life and others? Our progress is measured in inches, bit by bit, probably imperceptible at times. What were we doing ten years ago?

Racing. Learning the discipline of cycling. Establishing a growing labyrinth of friends.

Doing crazy insane races with bad arse teamates like Karen Masson, through snow in June, on legendary retired courses that ended with the big cheque for thousands of smackaroos! Creating memories and learning to stretch ourselves to depths unknown.

We were traveling and exploring new territories that would become our favorite places. Riding on Trek Y bikes and Litespeed Titanium hardtails. One bike at which we now laugh while the other remains tried and true standing the test of time and technology.

Ten years ago I averaged 300 pictures a year, as opposed to my now 300 shots a week. I do not have tons of old riding pictures, and have very few pics of our cycling friends in a non-riding situation. A wave of nostalgia washed over me when I came across this pic of Steve and Anne from 1997. At that time, we had been riding together for almost 10 years. Add on another 10 years later, and they are still dear and instrumental in our lives. Priceless (and I can still fit in that dress 10 yrs later, barely).

We have so many wonderful friends now who enrich our lives that it would take all day to list everyone. Our Life on a Bike would not be what it is without our friends. Thank you!

I do not know what the following year will bring, but I certainly look forward to the new adventures and challenges. Thanks to all who have been a part of our exciting and fun filled Life on a Bike. I appreciate your comments and feedback. Sometimes it gets quiet out there. Just when I begin to wonder if it is worth all the trouble, someone pipes up with an encouraging word. Keep in touch, and keep on riding! A Life on a Bike is a Life Worth Living!
(Crested Butte, Trail 401, July 1998)


Robb Sutton (198) said...


I am honored to be a part of it for the last couple of months. I know you love taking pictures...but I think you are a writer at heart.

Keep up the great work!

James Bigler said...

I can't believe it has only been one year since you started you blog. You seem so polished and comfortable with your posts like you have been doing it forever.

That is pretty cool that you know so many people in your neighborhood. I don't know anyone. I would like to change that one day.

Ony said...

Happy Birthday, "Life on a Bike"!

I hope you guys have the best time in Europe and I'm bracing myself for the picture-based torture of beautiful scenery.

Amy said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging! Your writing and photos are great!

Becky said...

I can't believe you've only been doing this a year - In my opinion it's better than any official published material out there. We feel very honored to have been included in it. Keep up the good work!