Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Euro bike shakedown

With less than 2 weeks before our Italy trip, it is crucial that I get the "Euro bike" in riding order. Raja has transformed my hardtail from a singlespeed to a gearie with 1.25 slicks. This will enable me to ride some of the gravel roads on our routes as well as the pavement. But we will also be able to switch out the tires to fatty treads for a day of mountain biking if we wish.

Last night I took the Litespeed to ride on the Vinings recovery ride. Expecting to be lugging around a bag of cement, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease I had riding it in the pack. Raja had removed some of the spacers to lower the stem, putting me in a more comfortable position. Last night was the final test, and I think I'm ready to give Italy a go on my "Euro bike."

Just got in an early morning ride in order to beat the heat. Started out at 7:30 tackling the hills in the neighborhoods, then met up with Kev and Robin at the mountain. Legs were still a bit tired from last night, but I managed to pull out 5 repeats. Although they weren't at as hard an effort as normal, I still got in a good workout of 2 1/2 hrs. I should have been riding the Litespeed, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. How could I pass up a 17lb road bike for hill repeats up Kennesaw mountain? I need to weigh the Litespeed, or better yet, maybe I'd rather not know.
(Edit: found out it weighs in at 26 lbs. Ouch.)

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Becky said...

Awesome - I need one of those! Just yesterday I had the realization that the European "bike path" makers seem to think that it's just fine to have the path turn to gravel many times. Even close to the city! That bike might be handy in the gaps too, to check out the hidden gravel roads...Just be sure to ride by quickly if you run into any m'shine stills!