Thursday, October 30, 2014

Switzerland 2014

I was fortunate this summer to spend a glorious three weeks in Switzerland!  Of course, all my time was spent cycling, and when I was not riding I was eating chocolate.   The time has absolutely flown by since our return and I have yet to put up the first thing about our trip.   Who am I kidding?  I'm never going to get around to a proper post.  With literally over 60 hours of fantastic adventures, I'm overwhelmed with where to start.   Therefore, I've decided to just post up some photos whenever I have a chance.   For my own sake, I need to catalog my rides.   

These are some shots of a ride I did with Becky.  We started from the house and made our way up Raten Pass.  Becky took us on an ascent side that she had never done before.  It was steep, but beautiful through the thick woods.  We ended up at the North end of the Sihlsee and completed our loop back by Etzel.  39 miles with 5,000' climbing.   One thing I've learned about riding in Switzerland;  you won't necessarily have a ton of mileage, but you will always have a boatload of climbing.   As Becky and Jeff taught us, "climb climb climb, happy happy happy!"   
The climb up Raten Pass

We couldn't resist checking out the gravel path on Raten near the restaurant.  Found a nice view at the end.


Riding around the North end of the Sihlsee.

Plenty of other cyclists out - no matter where you are.  Heading to Etzel.

Nice descent down Etzel

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