Sunday, March 29, 2009

Money in the Bank

I heard a phrase on today's ride that really clicked for me. Always a day late and a dollar short, it was new to my ears, so please humor me if this is old news. This weekend has been another miserable dreary non bike friendly weekend with rain all day Saturday. Sunday was gray overcast, windy, and bloody cold....for springtime. I came "that close" to bagging the ride for the day, but somehow talked myself into at least making an effort to show up at the start.

The only sound in the parking lot heard above the howling wind was the sound of chirping was that deserted. Well, maybe I exaggerate. Damyankee, Rlaz, and Park were the only ones ready to ride. I reminded myself that sometimes you have to go through the motions regardless of how you feel about it. Just get on the bike and before you know it, you will be done and happy to have gotten in a workout. Come summertime you can reap the reward of consistency and discipline. I still didn't have to be happy about it, and I wasn't.

My crusty shell broke slightly as we headed out through Paulding County. Perhaps this wouldn't be too dreadful. I can endure 3 hours of riding, I've been through worse. That's when Damyankee made the statement that registered on my radar. His view of today's ride was that "this is money in the bank." Yes! Yes, indeed. What a perfect way to say it.

If you make a small deposit every week to your bank account, after a while there will be a sizable reserve available to use for fun things. That's what I was doing today, putting a little down, adding to my account. A bit of work now that will hopefully pay off later.

Many a ride during the winter and early spring classify as "money in the bank," but I'm laughing all the way to the bank. Pretty soon, I'll be withdrawing alot of buckaroos to buy up a heaping of Fun! In fact, I've been purchasing some snippets of fun for quite some time. You can read about our adventures over at the new site, My Life on a Bike. See you at the bank!

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Becky said...

What a great thing to remember, to get ourselves thru the not-so-fun workouts in the cold or wet or indoors. I think I need to make some extra large deposits now (or maybe some wise allocation strategies??) to catch up with your balance, so we can all enjoy the Fun reward together this summer!