Sunday, February 8, 2009

Come on Over

Come on over to my new site, www.MyLifeonaBike, and see what's cooking. It's still a work in progress, and the progress will be slow, but I'm going to give it a whirl. I'll keep putting reminders up here, but eventually the plan is to move over completely. That's the plan.........

This weekend was most glorious and much needed for us. After enduring endless weekends of rain and/or cold, we were treated to a pleasant surprise; two whole days of sunshine and warmth. No time was wasted in getting as much as we possibly could out of it and we had two fantastic rides.

Saturday we went back up to North Georgia to revisit the Rich Mtn Trails. Even though we were there just 2 wkds ago, everyone was eager to return. Despite the 60 degree sunny day, snow still remained on parts of the trail adding a little extra touch to the fabulous singletrack.

You can read more about the trails and our ride on my new site, My Life on a Bike.

Today's ride was a pleasant surprise for me since I did not expect my legs to work very well after Saturday's Rich Mtn thrashing. Damyankee has been leading a Rubber Mallet ride series this winter on the forum and the route he proposed for today's ride intrigued Raja. Wanting to take a nap more than go out and ride, I had to talk myself into joining in simply because I did not want another beautiful day to go to waste.

Fully expecting to be burdened down with acid legs, I was shocked that my legs could make the pedals go round. We got a head start on the group just to make sure that we could climb Hulseytown without being dead last and picked up the peleton of 10 riders on Old McGarity Road. From there we got onto the new route which turned out to be some fantastic rolling roads with no traffic at all.

We had the best time enjoying the views and basking in the warmth of the sun. I was thrilled to be riding with old friends (Foster) and to see some I don't get to see often (Brent, Tom, Debra). Gosh, it was practically magical.....don't mean to sound sappy, but it was such a good ride. Even Cam was on his best behavior and shattered his bad boy image for Terri.

Coming back down the Comet at the end, we saw Al and his family. I got to meet a blog-fan, Liz (friend of Cartecay Mike). In the parking lot, we saw Frenchy as he was riding back from Piedmont. Cam's parents joined in the apres ride chit chat, and we even got in a visit with old time original cycling friends, Paul and Rick, from our grassroots days.

What a weekend! A great weekend of super good riding filled with lots and lots of friends. It has been a rough and stressful few weeks for us, but these weekends of riding allow us to escape to a place of happiness and joy, of real living. It's what gets me through the week. I can't imagine my life without a bike.

Tomorrow's a new day with the promise of more riding adventures on the horizon! I can hardly wait.

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