Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Perpetual Motion

Tuesday night draws a big crowd of passionate mountain bikers to the trails at Big Creek in Roswell. The beautifully handcrafted singletrack trails are a delight for the senses, but the real draw is the freeride area.

Downhillers with 8" lazy boy recliners come for endless sessions down the fabulous gully run.

Chris Warren, responsible for much of this heavenly playground shows us how its done. The free riders rail it and huck it and then do it over again, and again, and again.

The really serious ones choose to lug their flying carpets back up the hill the hard way. Those of us that ride the stiffer style bikes of 30lbs and under can pedal back up the trail for more runs. No matter what the choice of bike, everyone has fun and plays together quite well. Ony has mastered these trails over the past few months and dropped some serious pounds while doing it! Awesome!

This is the perfect place for Raja to put his bike du jour to the test.

Everything from Speedy singlespeeds to.........

...blinged out 198 machines. All are welcome at Big Creek.

Girls and.....


RedRockers and

FatlipCaptains chasing after the girls.

Psychobillycadillac dreaming about his new IF in the wings.

cRASh, not crashing;-)

Doesn't this look like fun?!!!

It feels as good as it looks!

Yea! I thought you'd agree. Good stuff, this perpetual motion.

Come on out and play! If you see one of us, introduce yourself. We're really not as scary as we look.
Click here for all the pictures, or just sit back and watch the thumbnail slideshow right here.


Speedy said...

Great photos! Really captured the motion and the different rider styles. There is some SERIOUS air being caught by some of these guys! Still laughing about the PBC has his eye(s) on you caption :).

Cam said...

That was a wonderful ride! I am still mad that I did not put that cigarette out in that guys eye. He was not even smoking it!!! It was just lit in his fingers!!! Who in the world just hangs out at a convenient store for hours on end anyway (you know, when your not forced there by weather). Freaks!