Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Fun

Tuesdays used to be our roadie training ride day. Death by crit or the Cycleworks Steel Magnolias ride, take your pick. Having entered our "too lazy to work hard" phase of life, hitting the dirt with our mtn bike buds has been more appealing lately.

Riding with cyclists like Tweety, iride, and Robb is always a treat. It's like poetry in motion. iride can definitely ride!

I love watching everyone rail it in the freeride section. Tom was styling tonight.

He tried to throw me a curve ball by switching his bright orange hub from the rear to the front. Has a purdy red one on the back now. Makes him go really fast.

MOMentum was flying high. Being child free for 10 days will do that for a mom!

It's just a big ole social fest, in between hammer sessions. I will not attempt to list names, because surely I will leave someone out. It's late and I'm not working on all 4 cylinders. Almost everyone was there! (psst: Good to see you, Concrete Blonde;)

RSutton was uber cool and hooked the Rajasan up with a beautiful Mojo to........what else.........but test out!
The Ellsworth is already sold and on its way to a new owner in Illinois. The search continues.

Robb is cool like that, and a cool rider.

This is a crowd of many talents. FarmerG had a bumper crop of fresh veggies for sale in his vehicle. Talk about cool apres ride treats!

More girl power represented...Robin still riding strong even while she waits for her new drivetrain to be installed.

And two rides in a row for me to have Colin alongside too! A double treat.

We played hide-n-seek through the trees climbing up to do downhill and gully runs. Over and over and over. How many times can we go?

We jumped and hucked,

flew through the air,

and railed it some more.

Shew! It was quite the workout. Those road rides are looking to be the easier way out after tonight's thrashing. Oh, but the dirt is soooooooooooo much fun. I like my beatings with a little dust on the side. I think we'll tough it out a little longer.

Here's a link to the photo album to see all the pics.
Or if you want to be lazy, you can watch a thumbnail slideshow right here;-)

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