Monday, April 21, 2008

Where's Your Inspiration?

Inspiration can be found everywhere.

An abundance of inspiring people and places were on the agenda for yesterday's adventure here in Moab, Utah.Even though we have been coming to Moab for 10 years, we never grow tired of the gorgeous scenery. Yesterday we decided to start our trip off with a relatively easy ride on the Sovereign Trail located just north of town.The biggest inspiration came when we ran across some impressive dirt bike riders, of which one was missing an arm. His passion for life was obvious in his face which lit up as he explained his 007 set up for riding.We saw him riding some pretty gnarly terrain. It left me speechless.His courage and strength overwhelmed me, and inspired me greatly. What a message his life is for the world.

How much more inspiring it made the rest of our ride as we played in nature's grandeur.


Jungle Boy

Plain Mikey




Beautiful trails with great friends, an inspiring day all around.

Be an inspiration today. See you on the trails!


Blair said...

Great pics!!
Beautiful out there.
I have only been once and need to get back.

Have a blast!!

Lisa C said...

Dusty will be my future son-in-law next year. He always amazes us at his accomplishments. NEVER has he let his handicap get him down. He can do more then most able bodied people. He is truly remarkable.