Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mission Possible

Our good friend, Jeff, has embarked on his Mission Possible today racing across the desert in the Marathon des Sables! Raja and I have sent him off with good vibes and all the energy we could channel across the many miles that separate us in body, but not in spirit. His equally wonderful wife, Hausfrau Becky, is going to be keeping the website current with updates as the race progresses, so we will be sure to stay tuned each day. Check it out! I am sure they will appreciate the support!

Jeff has done an incredible job with his blog documenting the arduous training he has undertaken in preparation of this epic race. Although his routine was a bit over the edge for me, his documentary doesn't make it appear that way at all. He did a fabulous job of drawing you into the experience and feeling the positive uplifting aspect of the journey. Trust me, you will be impressed with the videos he made that take you along many of his runs. Do yourself a favor and take a peek. I know how much effort went into making those posts, and I do not want them to go unnoticed.
Raja and I are two of Jeff and Becky's biggest fans. We met this delightful couple a few years ago on the in-town weeknight rides when they lived in Atlanta. Since they both hail from the South, you can always expect to be greeted with a warm and gracious nature. Although they have accomplished a list of adventures that would rival any National Geographic writer, you would never know it from their laid back and humble spirits. We were sad to see them leave a little over a year ago; however on the flipside they landed up in Switzerland! What a cool place to have some friends. Oooooh, Raja, I think I smell a plan cooking;)

Many of you may remember last year when we celebrated Raja's birthday climbing the Stelvio pass in Italy. Jeff and Becky were the ones that made this day possible. It was truly one of those moments that will go down our memory lane as one of the most special occasions we've experienced to be cherished forever.Now we are looking forward to creating some more exciting memories climbing the Swiss Alps!

Jeff is not putting forth all this effort in the Marathon just for the sake of stoking his ego. Always thinking of others and with the whole picture in view, he's using it as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for "ING Chances for Children." I hope some of you are able to step up to the plate and help Jeff reach his goal. Every bit counts, and these days it's so easy. There's a link on the site. Thanks! So today we've been thinking about our friend and wishing him godspeed! Yes, Jeff, anything is possible. You prove it every day of your life.


Becky said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that! and for all the kind words :) You and Raja have been incredible supporters during Jeff's "Mission", and it has made ALL the difference as he's pushed through the journey to get to this point. We look forward to tackling many more mountains of challenges and fun with you both in Switzerland soon!!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

wow is right...I could never keep up with all of you. those mountains on the bike look amazing!
jeff is in 61st place today!
he is having the race of his life.