Tuesday, February 5, 2008

University of Meteorology

When I grow up, I'm going to the University of Meteorology to be a "Weather Girl". See the cover from their brochure. Doesn't that I8aPie Sorority girl look like she's having fun? They play all day and party all night. Obviously you don't need to go to class to learn how to forecast the weather. At least that's how it appears for our local weather people.

Last weekend was forecasted to be beautiful with temps reaching 60 degrees and sunshine. As I already posted, we spent Saturday freezing to death riding in the mud and ice. Sunday was not much of an improvement either, weatherwise.

It started out with slight promise, but that was short lived.

The temperature never seemed to rise out of the 40s, but that didn't keep us from having fun.We joined our friends at Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga to celebrate Al's birthday. It is becoming a tradition now for everyone to have a mtn bike ride for their birthday! It is alot more fun than most traditional birthday parties I've ever attended! Raccoon has something for everyone. Huckers and free riders can test their skills all day long.
While cross country and singletrack lovers will be in hog heaven.I kept wondering when the sun was going to break out and I could shed some of my winter woolies. But we had to stay bundled up as the sky got darker and gloomier.We made it past the impressive dam section before the drops of rain started to pitter patter down upon our helmets.I thought they said the "chance" of rain wasn't supposed to be until 3:00!? It's only 12:45. Pedal faster, it's starting to come down. In spite of the scholarly challenged weatherman's forecast, the party was still a success.I never did experience those 60 degree days last weekend. So my ears perked up when once again I heard a forecast for a high of 70 and sunshine on Tuesday!! Whoohoo! I called Robin to line up an afternoon of sunny spinning on the Silver Comet. We could hardly wait for 1:00.

I distinctly remember watching the weather this morning. They said the fog and clouds will be burning off this morning, and the sun will be shining. The chance of rain will not be until this evening. So why is it that we spent our ride under a blanket of thick gray clouds? And why did we spend the last 5 miles of the ride in the sprinkling rain?

No, the real question is, "Why did I believe in that forecast?" Dummy me. I fell for it again. When will I learn that it's not about accurately forecasting the weather at the Univ of Meteorology?! It's really an acting school to teach you how to be the most dramatic in presenting your forecast. Forecast whatever you want, just be dramatic about it. Draw it out, suck the viewer in, make them believe what you say. Hurry, go buy all the milk and bread from the Kroger. There's a blizzard coming!

Yea, I'm signing up for the next semester. It has to be a party school. You sure don't learn how to forecast the weather. Like my friend, Pebbles, says "There's a 100% chance of weather today!"Look at the smile on that girl's face. She's skipping class for sure! We're going to make great classmates at U of M!

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