Sunday, January 20, 2008

Got snow?

Snow is a rare occurrence in the South. So when it happens, life as we know it comes to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, the snow came on the weekend, which meant no excuse to "stay home from school." There is no work on Saturday. That's our riding day. There would be no outdoor riding for us this weekend. It took years of riding through hell or high waters to learn that it is not always the wise thing to do. Riding in rain and mud means you get a new drivetrain, whether you want it or not. Forking out hundreds of dollars for new bike parts (remember, we have to multiply everything by 2 in our household) is only one of the many perks of riding in inclement weather.

When we need to come to our senses, we always remember the year we did an ice ride at Bull Mtn. Greg and I kept plowing into each other, Marvin almost castrated himself, Alexis about plummeted down a cliff, and we all ended up black and blue. I should have taken my cue from Karen when she opted to ride the road to Amicalola Falls instead of suffering for hours on end in the wretched conditions with us. Fortunately that was to be our last adventure in snow and ice. We finally realized we did not enjoy those epic conditions, so why continue to partake?

Therefore, this was destined to be a Huffy weekend (that's code for "no fun"). My exercise would be limited to the dreaded windtrainer.
Our first weekend in a long, long while of no group rides, no adventure, no outdoor excitement. What would we do? What do people do when riding isn't an option (and you're not in Hawaii)?

Chores. All that stuff you never get around to doing because you're always out having fun on the bike! We must have a really toxic house. All that get-up just for cleaning?

I wish I could be like the birds. Dressed in warm soft designer feathers, cold weather doesn't bother them. I watched them feast, while the snow continued to fall. They seem to be content.
Cardinals are among my favorite birds.
On my regular weekday ride routes, there are certain spots where they frequently fly across my path. Always makes me smile.

Having time to take care of odds n ends, I even joined Sadlebred on the Marietta Square for a photography walk.
Having never even heard of a photography walk, this was my first. It was nice taking photos without the hassle of dismounting a bike at the same time.
I tried not to think of my friends that were flying over to Switzerland to join Becky and Jeff for a Verbier Ski Fest. This was the closest I'd get to the Swiss Alps.
I tried not to think of Al doing the Ididaride in Florida, or about Krista and her week of kick butt riding in 50-60 degree weather. Instead, I reminded myself that warmer weather would be here soon enough.
In just a few months we will be riding with the warmth of the sun on our bare arms and legs.

Ahhhhhh, warmth and sunshine. Better wake up from that dream.
Got snow? Well, we did. It's already gone. Thank goodness!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... That contraption Raja's wearing looks awfully suspicious, I think he's doping Laurie!

Kevin, Davey Boy, Me & Superdog Missy took a snow ride Saturday on the RiverLoop. Kevin was smart and brought his single speed, ironically only one gear on my Juliana would work, something to do with the massive amount of slushy snow packed around the drivetrain....I'm sure your bike appreciates your photography tour!
Great pics, hope to see ya soon!


Becky said...

I think you have more snow there than the Swiss Alps do right now! Well, almost... Hope you got all your chores done, so you can ride the rest of the snow-free year guilt-free!!

Namrita O'Dea said...

great pics!

Sadlebred said...

Great pics!!! The photography walk was fun! Let's do it again!